Nadwi Foundation is pleased to present, Shaykh ʾAbū al-Ḥasan ʿAlī Nadwī – His Life & Works written by his dear and close student Mohammad Akram Nadwi. The biography highlights the great contribution of Shaykh ʾAbū al-Ḥasan and the intellectual legacy he left along with his timeless commitment to the propagation of Islam and uniting of the many ideological groups of Muslims under the banner of faith. To get a copy of the book click here to purchase from our online store, or to find out more click here.

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Nadwi Foundation seeks to Combine the virtuous of the past with the wholesome of the present, with firmness in principles and objectives, including flexibility in the subsidiaries and means.

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The book coveres all the various aspects of the life and works of Shaykh ’Abū al-Hasan ‘Alī Nadwī including the background of Muslims in India and the rest of the Muslim world from a political.

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